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Public Administration Foundation Course For UPSC CSE Exam 2025

Public Administration Foundation Course For UPSC CSE Exam 2025

The optional subject in the UPSC Civil Services Examination (CSE) holds significant weightage. If you are a UPSC civil service aspirant and want to crack UPSC Mains exam choosing the best optional subject is important.

Public administration is a popular optional subject and it has several advantages as an optional subject in UPSC Mains exam. With proper study and guidance, you will easily score 300+ in Pub ad optional paper.

At ProdEgyIAS, we come with a course called “Public Administration Foundation Course” for IAS 2025. In this course, we provide comprehensive guidance and support who want to high scores in this optional subject.

The Importance of Optional Subjects for UPSC CSE Exam

In the UPSC Mains Examination, papers VI and VII are dedicated to optional subjects. Each paper has 250 marks in total 500 marks. So, these optional papers give you an opportunity to increase your overall score and ranking in the examination. 

Benefits of Choosing Public Administration as Your Optional

The public administration optional is quite popular among UPSC aspirants for its several advantages.

  • Popular Subject: Public Administration is popular as an optional subject among UPSC aspirants for that reason you can easily find quality study materials and analyse the previous year’s question trend.
  • High Scoring Subject: If your concept is clear about the subjects and take guidance from the best teachers like Ashutosh sir, you will easily score 300+ in the UPSC Mains examination.
  • Prepares for Interview: When you appear interview, many questions are asked related to this subject. So, you need not make any more efforts to crack the last round. 
  • Easy to Prepare in Short Time: Public Administration is relatively easier to prepare within a short timeframe for its small syllabus. So you can focus on the other difficult topics of the other papers.
  • Overlapping with GS II and GS IV: Public Administration shares an overlapping syllabus with General Studies Papers 2 and 4 and also helps in essay writing.

ProdEgyIAS – Best Public Administration Foundation Course For UPSC 2025

Our public administration foundation programme is designed to cover 100% of the syllabus for the public administration optional papers 1 and 2. It is a 5 months comprehensive program that ensures you receive the knowledge and skills necessary to excel in the UPSC IAS Mains exam. Some features of our course:

Complete Syllabus Coverage: Our course comprehensively covers every aspect of the public administration syllabus to ensure you receive complete preparation for the examination.

Daily Answer Writing Practice: We offer a daily answer writing practice called PROTSAHAN. It will help to answer writing practice and revise the whole syllabus.

Previous Year Question (PYQ) Discussions: We conduct previous year’s question (PYQ) discussion sessions where we analysis of the past 5 years’ questions to understand the question pattern.

Comprehensive Study Materials: We offer comprehensive study materials by subject matter experts. We also provide current affairs updates in our classes.

Inclusive Pub Ad Test Series: In our public administration foundation course, we provide 6 class tests as per the coverage of the syllabus and 2 mock test after completing the syllabus.

Online and Offline Availability: Our course is available both online and offline mode so you can choose the mode according to your choice.

Personal Mentorship Support: We offer personalized guidance and support from India’s top UPSC faculties. You can also clear your doubts and discuss strategy in our weekly doubt clear sessions.


Enroll in ProdEgyIAS’s Public Administration Foundation Course to receive comprehensive preparation and guidance from Ashutosh Sir and his team and increase your success in the UPSC IAS Mains Exam 2025.

Frequently Asked Questions on Public Administration Foundation Course

ProdEgyIAS is one of the best coaching for public administration for UPSC. We offer 360-degree support and guidance for public administration preparation For the Mains Exam.

At ProdEgyIAS, our public administration optional foundation course is a 5 months comprehensive course to cover the entire syllabus of pub ad optional.

Yes, public administration is an easy optional subject compared to other optional subjects in UPSC. With its short syllabus and vast study materials available, it is easy to study.

Yes, public administration is a good optional subject for the UPSC civil services examination. It offers several advantages like a short syllabus, scoring potential, overlap with general studies papers and the availability of quality study materials.

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