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Ethics Foundation Program

Live Online and Offline Ethics Classes for UPSC CSE
Under the Guidance of Ashutosh Pandey

Live Online/Offline Public Administation Classes under the guidance of Ashutosh Pandey

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Welcome to ProdEgyIAS

Best Ethics Coaching for UPSC CSE 2024-25 in Delhi India

We at ProdEgyIAS have come up with a new course which is the “Ethics Foundation Program” for the Ethics Integrity and Aptitude subject, also known as General Studies Paper 4. ProdEgyIAS ethics classes is a 10-week duration program available both in offline and online versions to cover the entire ethics syllabus for UPSC. This best ethics course for UPSC is included with 25 case studies as well.

If you are looking to increase your chances of selection in the UPSC civil services exam then you should prepare for this subject through the best teacher for ethics to score maximum marks in GS paper IV. Our Ethics Foundation batch is a complete package with 4 class tests and regular mentorship sessions to make you fully prepared for the subject. Our best coaching for ethics UPSC provides a systematic approach designed by the top ethics teacher online to give you concept clarity and help you articulate your ideas in an appropriate manner.

Ashutosh Pandey

Best Mentor for Public Administration

Fee Structure

Fee: ₹18,880/- only (Including GST)​

For additional information related to this course, call +91-9990757586

Ethics Foundation Programme (Prabodhan)

Probodhan is specifically designed to deliver the concepts from GS paper 4 in the most lucid manner. Beyond that we aspire to build a thought process for the aspirant so that he will be able to solve the case studies with conviction.  In the strategy of GS preparation for main exam, Paper 4 plays a crucial role in giving fillip to overall score. With clarity of thought and ability to articulate own ideas in the most appropriate manner, a candidate can secure more than 120 marks in GS paper 4 quite easily.

  • Course duration: 10 Weeks Prerequisite: English language. Coverage: Entire syllabus with 30+ case studies and 3 Class tests. 
  • Mock Tests: Two Mock tests included. 
  • Study Material: Class handouts 
  • Mode: Online and Offline. 
  • PYQ discussion: Included.

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About Ashutosh Pandey

Ace UPSC CSE Exam with India's Best Teacher for Ethics Integrity and Aptitude

Ashutosh Pandey obtained his Chemical Engineering degree from Madras University. Later, he conducted environmental engineering research at IIT and pursued an LLB degree at CLC, Delhi University. With a decade of teaching experience in ‘ethics classes for UPSC’, he has served as an instructor at a top IAS coaching center in Delhi.

Ashutosh Pandey is a highly experienced educator in ethics coaching in Delhi, and he is widely recognized as a top teacher for civil services exam preparation in India. Many students who prepared for the Ethics subject under his guidance successfully cracked the civil services examination. His teaching method simplifies intricate topics, making them accessible to UPSC aspirants. Attending sessions consistently and utilizing the ProdEgyIAS ethics case studies class can significantly aid in tackling General Studies Paper 4. Ashutosh Pandey also played a pivotal role as a founding member in famous IAS coaching in Delhi, such as GS SCORE, and held a position as a director at SYNERGY IAS.

Boost Your Prospects for Success in UPSC CSE 2024-25

Best Coaching for Ethics Integrity and Aptitude Preparation in India

Popular UPSC CSE Courses

At ProdEgyIAS, we provide the best online courses for UPSC CSE to help students become civil servants. Our top UPSC courses include the Ethics Foundation Course, GS test series for prelims and mains, and Optional-Prelims-Mains Mentorship programme. To learn more about these courses, please check the details below.

Ethics Foundation Program

Cover the Entire Ethics part of GS paper 4 with 25 case studies and 4 class tests followed by 2 full syllabus mock tests in just 10 weeks.

GS Test Series Prelims and Mains

GS Test Series (Prelims and Mains)

Coverage of each and every topic of General studies in all 4 papers through questions framed by our expert team along with PYQ analysis.

OPM optional Prelims mains

OPM (Optional-Prelims-Mains)

A quick revision course for UPSC general studies subject along with covering pub ad optional and Analysis of Essay.

Our UPSC Toppers

Discover the achievements of the students who have done UPSC preparation under the guidance of Ashutosh Pandey. Over the years, a significant number of UPSC CSE toppers have emerged from our classroom programs. We invite you to take a closer look at the remarkable UPSC CSE toppers list, which you can find below.

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Why Enroll at ProdEgyIAS

ProdEgyIAS should be your first choice for Ethics Classes for UPSC due to its exceptional track record and comprehensive approach to teaching. Our courses and study materials are designed to align with the latest UPSC syllabus and exam patterns, ensuring that students receive the most relevant and up-to-date content. Choose ProdEgyIAS for your UPSC CSE Ethics preparation, and you’ll be equipped with the knowledge and skills needed to excel in the UPSC examination.

Expert Faculty

Our top ethics faculty members are dedicated to providing you with the best possible preparation experience, ensuring you are well-prepared to tackle the Ethics paper in the UPSC exam.

Case Studies Session

We offer dedicated case study sessions that allow you to delve into real-world scenarios. Our case studies are carefully curated to provide a practical dimension to your ethics preparation to handle any scenario that may arise in the exam.

Latest Test Series

Our test series for Ethics is designed to provide you with ample practice and exam-like conditions, allowing you to identify areas that need improvement. By practising with our test series, you can enhance your exam performance.

Precise Study Material

Our ethics study materials are designed to help you focus on the most important aspects of ethics and integrity, eliminating unnecessary information and ensuring that your preparation is highly efficient and effective.

Regular Mentorship

Regular mentorship is a core component of the ProdEgyIAS experience. With regular mentorship, you can address your doubts, receive personalized feedback, and stay on track with your preparation.

Result-Oriented Approach

Our focus is on equipping you with the knowledge and skills needed to excel in the UPSC Ethics paper. We are dedicated to your success and will go the extra mile to help you achieve your goals.

UPSC Exam Preparation Videos

ProdEgyIAS offers high-quality UPSC CSE ethics lectures on YouTube specifically created for Civil Services aspirants. Our best ethics videos for UPSC utilize cutting-edge digital technologies, guaranteeing a constructive and captivating learning experience for individuals striving for success in their Civil Services examinations.

Student Reviews

Karishma Nair, IAS
Read More
Ashutosh Pandey/ProdEgyIAS has been the guiding light in my UPSC journey. As an aspirant aiming for success in the IAS exam with Public Administration Optional, I was seeking not just coaching but a transformative experience. And that's exactly what I found at ProdEgyIAS
Suman Saurabh, IAS
Read More
Ashutosh Pandey Sir is not just educators; He is a mentor who go above and beyond to ensure that you grasp even the most intricate concepts. His personalized approach and dedication to my progress helped me navigate through the challenges of the UPSC syllabus.
Sidharth Jaiswal, IAS
Read More
The study material provided by Ashutosh Pandey/ProdEgyIAS is a goldmine for any serious aspirant. It's not just about the quantity but the quality of content that makes a real difference. The comprehensive notes, practice questions, and mock tests prepared me thoroughly
Shaikh Rizwan, IAS
Read More
What truly sets Ashutosh Pandey/ProdEgyIAS apart is the supportive environment they foster. The interactions with fellow aspirants, the healthy competition, and the opportunity to engage in discussions were instrumental in expanding my horizons.
Hasrat Jasmine, IAS
Read More
If you're a serious aspirant looking for more than just a coaching institute, if you seek a place that nurtures your aspirations and supports your dreams, then Ashutosh Pandey/ProdEgyIAS is the place for you.

IAS UPSC Study Material

Our carefully prepared ethics study material for UPSC gives you valuable insights and a unique preparation experience. They are designed to match the latest syllabus and exam patterns, helping you succeed in the civil services exam to become a civil servant.

Begin Your Journey to UPSC Preparation with ProdEgyIAS!

Enhance your UPSC CSE preparation with time-tested strategies. Enroll in ProdEgyIAS' Ethics Foundation Classes for UPSC and achieve success in the mains exam.

Frequently Asked Questions on Ethics Paper UPSC

The best teacher is the one who supports his students in the best possible way to navigate their path to become successful in the civil services examination. The name of Ashutosh Pandey comes first in the list of top ethics teacher for UPSC because of a decade of experience in teaching and guiding UPSC aspirants.

The Preparation of Ethics paper for UPSC mains exam requires a decent understanding of the subject followed by practising questions which are generally asked in the exam. You need a proven strategy followed by attending lectures of top faculties and here ProdEgyIAS comes to the rescue with the Ethics Foundation course for UPSC to cover everything needed to prepare the Ethics part of General Studies Paper IV.

ProdEgyIAS is the top choice as the “best UPSC coaching for Ethics”, providing comprehensive courses, updated materials, and innovative teaching methods. Our experienced mentors offer expert guidance, making us the preferred institute for students aiming to excel in UPSC CSE.

The time required to complete the syllabus of Ethics UPSC differs from your previous learning and the institute in which you are enrolled. With ProdEgyIAS Ethics Foundation Programme you can complete the entire syllabus with 25 case studies and 4 class tests in just a duration of 10 weeks.

Ashutosh Pandey of ProdEgyIAS is the best teacher for ethics in Delhi because of the way of delivering concepts in a lucid manner that has helped 1,500 plus students to successfully clear the UPSC civil services examination. The concept clearance plays a major role in increasing your score in the main examination and Ashutosh Pandey is well experienced in the same.

ProdEgyIAS Ethics foundation program is designed under expert guidance with the best study material for Ethics and learning through case studies which is missing in other institutes’ classes. The comfort of preparing for Ethics from the best faculties and mentors from anywhere and anytime makes us a go-to choice for Ethics Online classes for UPSC.

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