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Public Administration Crash Course

with Special Mentorship Under the Guidance of Ashutosh Pandey

with Special Mentorship Under the Guidance of Ashutosh Pandey

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Welcome to ProdEgyIAS

Best IAS Coaching Institute for Public Administration Optional UPSC

ProdEgyIAS has come up with a one-stop solution for all your issues related to public administration optional preparation. We have designed a public administration crash course with a Mentorship Program in which we will be covering various things which are very important from the exam point of view. It is a 2.5-month Public Administration Crash Course in which 50 recorded sessions of Ashutosh Sir will be provided to you. 

One of the most exciting features of this Mentorship Program for UPSC Public Administration and crash course is that the UPSC Optional mentorship is also attached to the program which will help you to stay on track in the journey. last 10 years of UPSC PYQ along with some very important questions for UPSC will be discussed in the course which will boost your preparation drastically at the end moment. Full Syllabus Public Administration Mock Tests are also included in the course while sectional and Public Administration topic-wise tests will also be provided to you.

Ashutosh Pandey

Best Mentor for Public Administration

Fee Structure

Fee: ₹16500 + GST

For additional information related to this course, call +91-9990757586

Course Features

About Ashutosh Pandey

Ace UPSC CSE Exam with India's Best Public Administration Teacher For IAS!

Ashutosh Pandey graduated from Madras University in Chemical Engineering. He later researched environmental engineering at IIT and studied LLB at CLC, Delhi University. With 10 years of teaching experience in public administration for UPSC in top coaching institutes in Delhi, he’s become a leading educator for civil services exam preparation in India.

His extensive teaching experience in public administration classes in Delhi has made him a prominent figure in civil services exam preparation. Many of his students who chose public administration as an optional subject and cleared the civil services exam were trained by him. His teaching style, which simplifies complex topics has helped numerous UPSC aspirants succeed. Attending his lectures and attempting mock tests can greatly assist in solving public administration previous year questions. He co-founded top coaching institutes for UPSC like GS SCORE and served as a director at SYNERGY IAS.

Increase Your Chances of Cracking UPSC CSE 2025-26

Best Coaching Institute for Public Administration Optional in India

Popular UPSC Courses

ProdEgyIAS offers various courses to assist students in achieving their goal of becoming civil servants. Our best UPSC course for IAS includes the Public Administration Foundation course, Public Administration optional test series, and Public Administration Crash Course with Mentorship Program. For more information, explore specific courses below.

Public Administration Foundation

A complete course for public administration starting from basics and then covering all the advanced concepts along with one-to-one mentorship and focus on answer writing.

Public Administration Test Series

Latest Pattern mock tests for public administration optional to revise the complete syllabus along with 5 years of PYQs discussion in just 10-12 weeks.

Public Administration Crash Course With Mentorship

A special crash course for public administration to revise the entire syllabus with the help of 50 recorded lectures and mentorship under the guidance of Ashutosh Pandey.

Our Toppers

The unique teaching methodology of Ashutosh Pandey Sir has helped many students crack the civil services examination in recent years. Discover the success stories of students who prepared for the civil services exam under Ashutosh Pandey Sir’s guidance. In recent years, most UPSC toppers with public administration optional were our classroom students. You can see the result of Public Administration Optional Toppers below:

Why ProdEgyIAS

ProdEgyIAS provides the best teacher for public administration optional for UPSC exam, along with an expertly designed test series included in both online and offline courses. We emphasize answer writing skills so students can learn to craft answers independently, followed by personalized guidance sessions. These aspects make us the best online coaching for public administration optional UPSC.

Dedicated Mentorship

Personal Mentorship Program for UPSC plays a very vital role in keeping the students on the right track throughout their journey. All students in our Public Admin Mentorship Program or UPSC Public Administration Mentorship Program whether offline or online, will receive dedicated mentorship to resolve doubts and confusion related to UPSC.

Concise Study Material

We've created specialized study material for public administration optional programs. Reviewing this material post-lecture helps in retaining concepts over time and will also help you in an effective revision of all the topics.

Conceptual Classes

Conceptual understanding of UPSC is the key to acing the examination. We begin by laying a strong foundation for conceptual the syllabus topics, aiding students in developing critical thinking for UPSC and problem-solving in the exam.

Focus On Answer Writing

The most important aspect of the UPSC Civil Services Exam is Answer Writing. Our focus is on enhancing answer writing skills for UPSC as it significantly impacts scoring well in the main exam. Mastery in answer writing enhances your overall performance and will keep you ahead in the UPSC competition.

Dedicated Test Series

Our best public administration optional course includes a test series to elevate your exam preparation. ProdEgyIAS is ready to provide you with the Public Administration Crash Course and Test Series 2024

Regular Doubt Sessions

At ProdEgyIAS, we understand that doubt clearance for UPSC is one of the most important keys to bringing the best results of UPSC. We conduct frequent doubt-solving sessions for UPSC to help students clear all doubts about concepts and topics. In the IAS Mains 2024 Crash Course for Public Administration Optional, special emphasis will be given to clearing all your doubts

Popular Videos

ProdEgyIAS provides top-notch YouTube lectures for Public Administration, focusing on Public Administration optional. Our lecturers use advanced digital tech for an immersive learning experience, ideal for Civil Services aspirants aiming to excel.

Embark on a Transformational Journey with ProdEgyIAS

Boost your public administration optional preparation with smart strategies. Join ProdEgyIAS for top-notch Public Administration Optional coaching and ace the UPSC exam.

UPSC Study Materials

Check out our detailed Public Administration study materials for UPSC. Our materials are expertly crafted and perfectly match the latest syllabus of UPSC and exam formats, ensuring you’re fully prepared for the civil services exam.

UPSC 2025 Basic Package

UPSC 2025 Prime Package

UPSC 2025 Mega Package

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Student Reviews

Karishma Nair, IAS
Read More
Ashutosh Pandey/ProdEgyIAS has been the guiding light in my UPSC journey. As an aspirant aiming for success in the IAS exam with Public Administration Optional, I was seeking not just coaching but a transformative experience. And that's exactly what I found at ProdEgyIAS
Suman Saurabh, IAS
Read More
Ashutosh Pandey Sir is not just educators; He is a mentor who go above and beyond to ensure that you grasp even the most intricate concepts. His personalized approach and dedication to my progress helped me navigate through the challenges of the UPSC syllabus.
Sidharth Jaiswal, IAS
Read More
The study material provided by Ashutosh Pandey/ProdEgyIAS is a goldmine for any serious aspirant. It's not just about the quantity but the quality of content that makes a real difference. The comprehensive notes, practice questions, and mock tests prepared me thoroughly
Shaikh Rizwan, IAS
Read More
What truly sets Ashutosh Pandey/ProdEgyIAS apart is the supportive environment they foster. The interactions with fellow aspirants, the healthy competition, and the opportunity to engage in discussions were instrumental in expanding my horizons.
Hasrat Jasmine, IAS
Read More
If you're a serious aspirant looking for more than just a coaching institute, if you seek a place that nurtures your aspirations and supports your dreams, then Ashutosh Pandey/ProdEgyIAS is the place for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you are looking for the best online and offline coaching for the public administration optional crash course for UPSC then without a single doubt, you should prefer ProdEgyIAS. The expertise of the faculties here is unmatched and the best quality study material for UPSC is also provided to the aspirants ensuring remarkable success in the examination.

ProdEgyIAS is known for its crash course for public administration optional in Delhi under the mentorship of Ashutosh Pandey Sir. Their Public Administration Crash Course is very beneficial for students who have studied the syllabus of public administration once and now looking for quick revision along with decent practice of all the questions of the public administration optional.

The key to mastering any subject in UPSC is to learn the fundamentals of the subject first. You must start learning the Public Administration Optional from the basic part and should take guidance from experienced teachers and UPSC mentors who have already produced thousands of selections in the examination. You can also get help from the Public Administration Crash Course Online which is designed by ProdEgyIAS for producing maximum selections in the examination.

Public Administration Optional in UPSC is considered easy and also it does not take much time to cover the entire syllabus of the public administration. The subject is also considered quite scoring and the success rate of public administration is also relatively high when compared to the other subjects. Therefore, if you are looking for the best optional subject then without even a single doubt you can go for public administration but read the syllabus at least once to understand the nature of the subject as per your learning capability.

Public Administration can be completed in a relatively shorter period of time when compared to the other subjects. However, it also depends on your current state of preparation and the resources you are using for the Public Administration Preparation for UPSC. ProdEgyIAS is coming with an impressive crash course specifically designed for the Public Administration which will cover all the crucial aspects of the subject.

Public Administration is considered a very good optional subject for UPSC due to its high success rate. Public Administration has been one of the most scoring optional subjects in recent times and the majority of students preferred the subject over the other options. Ashutosh Pandey has produced several impressive results from their Crash Course on Public Administration Optional for UPSC.

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