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Anthropology Optional Foundation Course

with Special Mentorship from Dr Saurabh Jain

with Special Mentorship from Dr Saurabh Jain

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Welcome to ProdEgyIAS

Best IAS Coaching for Anthropology Optional Preparation in India

ProdEgyIAS is launching a new course for the Anthropology Optional preparation for UPSC Mains 2025. This Anthropology Optional Foundation Course is a 4 months long course in which we will cover the entire syllabus of Anthropology optional with the help of 300 hours of classroom teaching. Each Anthropology optional class will be of 2.5 Hours, which means a total of 120 classes will be conducted in the ProdEgyIAS Anthropology Course for UPSC Mains 2025.

In this course, we will give a special focus on conceptual understanding of the Anthropology optional subject then we will help in developing analytical ability in students’ minds which they can use to improve their answer writing skills for Anthropology optional paper. One-to-one mentorship will be provided by Dr. Saurabh Jain along with guidance from Ashutosh Pandey Sir. This UPSC Mains Anthropology Optional Course is a complete preparation resource which includes daily answer writing practice sessions, anthropology optional PYQs analysis and notes by expert UPSC teachers for quick revision.

Fee Structure

Fee: ₹30,000 + GST

For additional information related to this course, call +91-9990757586

Course Features

About Dr. Saurabh Jain

Ace UPSC CSE Exam with India's Top Anthropology Optional Faculty!

Dr. Saurabh Jain completed his PhD in 2012 and has worked with leading research organisations of the country like the Department of Science and Technology, DRDO. He has been teaching anthropology optional for more than a decade now and has helped numerous UPSC aspirants to clear the IAS exam. Ultimately, Dr Saurabh Jain Sir is the best Anthropology optional faculty in India, who will be leading this anthropology foundation course at ProdEgyIAS.

Along with Dr Saurabh Jain, a team of UPSC experts at ProdEgyIAS will be there to guide you and clear your doubts in each and every step of the UPSC preparation journey. With top UPSC mentorship from him and the whole team of top UPSC mentors at ProdEgyIAS, you can level up your anthropology optional preparation to the next level and clear the IAS exam with a good score on the optional paper. So, be ready to come and join the classroom coaching of Dr Saurabh Jain and his team and experience an immersive learning experience from the best IAS faculties in India.

Dr. Saurabh Jain

Best Mentor for Anthropology Optional

Increase Your Chances of Cracking UPSC Mains 2025-26

Best Coaching Institute for Anthropology Optional Preparation in India

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Our Toppers

ProdEgyIAS has helped lots of students crack the civil services exam effectively. Check out the success stories of students who studied at ProdEgyIAS for the UPSC exam. There are multiple UPSC toppers in the recent UPSC results from our classroom coaching. You can see the list of UPSC toppers below

Why ProdEgyIAS

At ProdEgyIAS, we offer top teacher for UPSC anthropology optional in India, along with a carefully crafted test series available in both online and offline courses. We focus on improving students’ answer writing skills so they can create better answers on their own, coupled with personalized guidance sessions. These features set us apart as the premier online UPSC coaching for anthropology optional paper.

Personalised Mentorship

Our Personal Mentorship feature is crucial in guiding students effectively throughout their preparation. Whether enrolled in our offline anthropology optional course in Delhi or UPSC anthropology online course, both students benefit from dedicated mentorship sessions.

Effective Study Material

We've created printed study material for anthropology optional. Studying with the help of this material after the lecture helps in retaining concepts over time and will also help you in an effective revision of all the topics.

Conceptual Classes

Understanding the concepts behind UPSC Mains is essential for success in the exam. We start by establishing a solid foundation for the syllabus topics, helping students develop critical thinking skills and problem-solving abilities necessary for excelling in the UPSC exam.

Answer Writing Enhancement

Answer writing is the key to excelling in the UPSC Civil Services Exam. We prioritize improving answer writing skills because it greatly influences scoring well in the main exam. Mastering answer writing not only boosts overall performance but also keeps you ahead in the UPSC competition.

Dedicated Mains Test Series

Our top-notch UPSC Mains Anthropology optional course features a comprehensive test series to enhance your exam readiness. ProdEgyIAS is all set to offer you the Anthropology optional mock test series after the completion of foundation classes.

Doubt Solving Sessions

At ProdEgyIAS, we recognize that clearing doubts is crucial for achieving the best results in UPSC. That's why we regularly conduct doubt-solving sessions to assist students in clarifying any concepts or topics they find challenging.

Popular Videos

ProdEgyIAS offers high-quality video lectures tailored for anthropology subject preparation Our UPSC anthropology optional lectures leverage advanced digital technology to create an immersive learning experience, perfect for Civil Services aspirants striving for excellence.

Embark on a Transformational Journey with ProdEgyIAS

Boost your Anthropology optional preparation with proven strategies from UPSC experts. Join ProdEgyIAS for top-notch Anthropology Optional coaching in India and ace the Mains exam.

UPSC Study Materials

Explore our comprehensive Anthropology optional study materials for UPSC. Carefully crafted by experts, our materials align perfectly with the latest UPSC anthropology optional syllabus and exam formats, ensuring that you’re thoroughly prepared for the civil services exam.

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Student Reviews

Karishma Nair, IAS
Read More
Ashutosh Pandey/ProdEgyIAS has been the guiding light in my UPSC journey. As an aspirant aiming for success in the IAS exam with Public Administration Optional, I was seeking not just coaching but a transformative experience. And that's exactly what I found at ProdEgyIAS
Suman Saurabh, IAS
Read More
Ashutosh Pandey Sir is not just educators; He is a mentor who go above and beyond to ensure that you grasp even the most intricate concepts. His personalized approach and dedication to my progress helped me navigate through the challenges of the UPSC syllabus.
Sidharth Jaiswal, IAS
Read More
The study material provided by Ashutosh Pandey/ProdEgyIAS is a goldmine for any serious aspirant. It's not just about the quantity but the quality of content that makes a real difference. The comprehensive notes, practice questions, and mock tests prepared me thoroughly
Shaikh Rizwan, IAS
Read More
What truly sets Ashutosh Pandey/ProdEgyIAS apart is the supportive environment they foster. The interactions with fellow aspirants, the healthy competition, and the opportunity to engage in discussions were instrumental in expanding my horizons.
Hasrat Jasmine, IAS
Read More
If you're a serious aspirant looking for more than just a coaching institute, if you seek a place that nurtures your aspirations and supports your dreams, then Ashutosh Pandey/ProdEgyIAS is the place for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Provides the Best Anthropology Optional Foundation Course in Delhi?

ProdEgyIAS offers the best Anthropology optional foundation course in Delhi, featuring comprehensive PYQ discussions, mock tests post-course completion, and quick revision sessions. With expert faculty and personalized guidance, we ensure thorough preparation for the UPSC exam. Opt for ProdEgyIAS for top-notch Anthropology coaching in Delhi.

For the best online course for UPSC Anthropology preparation, consider ProdEgyIAS. Our course is tailored to cater to your needs, offering interactive live sessions, in-depth study materials, personalized mentorship, and exclusive features like PYQ discussions and quick revision sessions. Join ProdEgyIAS for a transformative learning experience and ace your UPSC Anthropology exam.

To prepare for Anthropology optional, understand the syllabus, gather study materials, create a study plan, attend lectures and join the comprehensive anthropology course of ProdEgyIAS. Along with that practice an

Yes, with ProdEgyIAS’s structured approach and expert guidance, completing the Anthropology optional syllabus in 4 months is achievable. Our comprehensive course, including interactive lectures, study materials, and practice sessions, ensures thorough preparation, enabling students to excel in the UPSC exam.

Yes, Anthropology is considered a scoring optional subject in UPSC. Its well-defined syllabus, logical concepts, and direct questions make it favorable for many candidates. With thorough preparation and understanding of key concepts, candidates can score well in Anthropology optional in the UPSC exam.

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