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Public Administration Foundation 2025-26

Live Online/Offline Classes
under the guidance of Ashutosh Pandey

Live Online/Offline Classes under the guidance of Ashutosh Pandey

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Welcome to ProdEgyIAS

Public Administration Optional Foundation Coaching for UPSC [Offline & Online Program]

We at ProdEgyIAS has come up with a new course that is “public administration optional foundation course“. ProdEgyIAS Public Administration foundation course is a 5 month comprehensive course to cover the entire syllabus of pub ad optional along with covering contemporary issues and answer writing skills enhancement. This foundation program is designed to clear your concepts from scratch. 

If you are preparing for UPSC CSE for the first time and looking for the best coaching for public administration optional (Offline & Online) then this course is for you. We will start public administration classes for UPSC by building the conceptual foundation then move to complex topics and develop a thinking ability in student mind to frame the answer in the best possible words so that you can ensure maximum marks from the optional subject. The course is a complete study package for public administration preparation as it includes 6 class tests and 2 full syllabus tests series with concise study material and personalised mentorship sessions.

Ashutosh Pandey

Best Mentor for Public Administration

Public Administration Foundation 2025-26 (Online + Offline)

PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION FOUNDATION Plus (Online) + Protsahan (Daily Answer Writing Practice)

Fee Structure

Fee: ₹48000 + GST

For additional information related to this course, call +91-9990757586

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About Ashutosh Pandey

Ace UPSC CSE Exam with India's Best Public Administration Teacher For IAS!

Ashutosh Pandey is a graduate of Madras University in Chemical Engineering. He later did environmental engineering research at IIT and pursued LLB at CLC, Delhi University. He has 10 years long experience in teaching public administration for UPSC in various top most coaching for IAS in Delhi.

Having such vast experience in teaching at public administration classes in Delhi made him the leading educator for civil services examination preparation in India. A lot of students who chose public administration as optional and successfully cleared the prestigious civil services examination were his classroom students. His way of teaching to make the difficult topics easy to understand helped a lot of UPSC aspirants to ace the exam. Most of the public administration previous year question can be easily solved if one attend all his lectures and attempt all the mock tests. He was a founding member of top coaching institute for UPSC like GS SCORE and director at SYNERGY IAS.

Maximize Your Chances of Cracking UPSC CSE 2025-26

Best Coaching Institute for Public Administration Optional in India

Popular UPSC Courses

We at ProdEgyIAS offers a range of courses to help students in their goal of becoming a civil servant. Our best UPSC course for IAS includes the Public Administration Foundation course, Public Administration optional test series and Public Administration QRP (Quality Revision Program). For more details, you can check out specific courses from below.

Public Administration Foundation

Complete Coverage of Public administration optional syllabus in 5 months with personalised mentorship and answer writing skills enhancement.

Public Administration Test Series

Revision of the Entire syllabus through 120+ questions along with covering last 5 years PYQs of Public Administration in just 10-12 weeks.

Public Administration Crash Course With Mentorship

A quick revision course for  Public Administration optional with special mentorship by Ashutosh Pandey with answer building exercises based on previous year  marking patterns.

UPSC Civil Service Exam Toppers

Explore the success stories of our students who prepared for the civil services examination under the guidance of Ashutosh Pandey. In recent years majority of UPSC toppers with public administration optional were our classroom students. You can see some of the public administration optional topper students’ results with their All India Rank below.

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Why Join at ProdEgyIAS

ProdEgyIAS provides the best teacher for public administration optional for UPSC exam along with expert designed test series that is included in the both online and offline course. A special focus of answer writing skills is given so that students can learn to frame answers on their own followed by personalised guidance sessions. These are the things that makes us best online coaching for public administration optional UPSC.

Dedicated Mentors

All students enrolled in our pub ad foundation course both offline and online are provided with a dedicated mentor who will help you to solve your doubts and confusion related to UPSC.

Conceptual Classes

We start first from scratch by building the strong foundation for conceptual topics of syllabus that will help students to develop critical thinking to solve problems in the exam.

Dedicated Test Series

Our best course for public administration optional is included with a test series to boost your level of preparation for exam day. This test series consists of 6-part tests and 2 full syllabus tests based on the latest exam pattern.

Concise Study Material

We have designed special study material for public administration optional preparation. Going through this material after attending lecture will help you to retain concepts over period of time.

Focus On Answer Writing

We give a special focus on answer writing skills because at the end that is what matters to score good in the mains exam. Having a strong hold on answer writing increase your chances of success.

Regular Doubt Sessions

We provide separate doubt-solving sessions that are conducted frequently to help students clear all their doubts and confusion about the concepts and topics. Along with that, you can clear your doubts in the classroom as well.

UPSC Preparation Videos

ProdEgyIAS offers the best UPSC lectures on YouTube tailored to UPSC Civil Services aspirants who choose Public Administration optional. Our best lectures for UPSC CSE are infused with cutting-edge digital technologies, providing an effective and immersive learning experience for those aspiring to excel in their Civil Services examinations.

Student Reviews

Karishma Nair, IAS
Read More
Ashutosh Pandey/ProdEgyIAS has been the guiding light in my UPSC journey. As an aspirant aiming for success in the IAS exam with Public Administration Optional, I was seeking not just coaching but a transformative experience. And that's exactly what I found at ProdEgyIAS
Suman Saurabh, IAS
Read More
Ashutosh Pandey Sir is not just educators; He is a mentor who go above and beyond to ensure that you grasp even the most intricate concepts. His personalized approach and dedication to my progress helped me navigate through the challenges of the UPSC syllabus.
Sidharth Jaiswal, IAS
Read More
The study material provided by Ashutosh Pandey/ProdEgyIAS is a goldmine for any serious aspirant. It's not just about the quantity but the quality of content that makes a real difference. The comprehensive notes, practice questions, and mock tests prepared me thoroughly
Shaikh Rizwan, IAS
Read More
What truly sets Ashutosh Pandey/ProdEgyIAS apart is the supportive environment they foster. The interactions with fellow aspirants, the healthy competition, and the opportunity to engage in discussions were instrumental in expanding my horizons.
Hasrat Jasmine, IAS
Read More
If you're a serious aspirant looking for more than just a coaching institute, if you seek a place that nurtures your aspirations and supports your dreams, then Ashutosh Pandey/ProdEgyIAS is the place for you.

Civil Service Exam Study Material

Explore our comprehensive study material for UPSC CSE, specifically designed for the Public Administration optional subject. Our public administration optional study material are meticulously curated by experts and thoughtfully aligned with the latest syllabus and exam patterns to prepare you fully for the civil services exam.

UPSC 2025 Basic Package

UPSC 2025 Prime Package

UPSC 2025 Mega Package

Embark on a Transformational Journey with ProdEgyIAS

Enhance your UPSC CSE preparation using effective strategies. Enroll in ProdEgyIAS for Public Administration Optional coaching and conquer the UPSC exam.

Frequently Asked Questions on UPSC Public Administration Optional

Choosing Pub Ad as optional subject for the UPSC civil services examination will be a wise choice as it is considered one of the highly scoring and relatively easier subject as compared to other optional subjects in UPSC CSE. If you prepare dedicatedly for Public administration optional then the chances of success in UPSC will increase exponentially, also public administration syllabus covers a lot of topics of GS papers so it would be helpful there as well.

Public Administration optional preparation requires a deep understanding of the subject along with working on answer writing skills. That is why it is always recommended to take guidance from a UPSC expert or enrol in a Public Administration Optional Foundation Course of some good UPSC coaching institute in India.

“Public administration best online coaching” will be the one that provides everything you need to clear the UPSC exam under one roof. The name ProdEgyIAS comes first in the list of best online coaching of Public Administration for UPSC CSE. Choosing us for your UPSC preparation will increase your chances of selection because we provide one-to-one mentorship, doubt discussion and study material along with top UPSC faculty lectures that you can watch from the comfort of your home.

The time to complete the preparation of Public Administration optional for UPSC depends on your level of preparation. If you are preparing for the first time and do not have any idea of the basics then with our Public Admin Foundation course you can complete the whole preparation to a good level within just 5 months.

Public Administration requires a good understanding of the subject to get a hold on answer writing skills. That is why it is always suggested to read some books along with attending lectures. While our pub ad study material is more than enough to score good but still if you are looking for some best author books then these are the following books that you can refer to enhance your preparation.

For Paper I

  1. Laxmikant Public Administration
  2. Mohit Bhattacharya: New Horizon of Public Administration
  3. Alka and Dhamija: Public Administration
  4. Mohit Bhattacharya: Development Administration

Awasti and Maheshwari: Public Administration Theory and Practice Public Administration

For Paper II

  1. Indian Administration – Rajni Goyal and Arora
  2. Indian Administration: Rumki Basu
  3. IGNOU Study Material.

Before starting the Public Administration preparation you must have a good knowledge of the pub ad syllabus so that you can avoid preparing for unnecessary topics and only focus on the major part of the syllabus which is mostly asked in the examination. The syllabus of Public Administration for UPSC CSE 2024 covers topics such as administrative theories, the Indian administrative system, personnel administration, governance, public policy financial administration, and more. For a detailed version of the syllabus, you can visit the official website of the Union Public Service Commission.

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