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ProdEgyIAS Coaching Admission Procedure 2024-25

Our Admission Procedure- Start your journey to success by following our simple admission process. Fill out the application form, attach the required documents, and pay the fee. Once completed, you’ll receive confirmation and access to our expert guidance and resources for UPSC exam preparation.

Go to the "Courses" tab and Select your Course to Buy.

Click on the "Buy Now" Option and make the payment in the official bank account.

Fill in the Admission Form for the Course bought by clicking on Admission Form Link

Submit the Admission Form.
After Completing the Admission procedure as Mentioned above, you will be successfully enrolled in course bought.

Important Information:

  • Upon enrollment, students will receive a unique username and password for accessing classes on
  • Live online class accounts will be activated within 24 hours of enrollment.
  • Live classes will adhere to the scheduled timings (4:00 – 6:30 PM).
  • Recorded live classes will be available for access throughout the course and for an additional month.
  • Printed study materials will be dispatched by our partner courier within a week of enrollment.
  • Class notes will be uploaded in PDF format within the student panel.

Online Class Details

  • All classes are conducted live and are interactive.
  • After each live session, the class recording will be uploaded to the student’s account.
  • Students can access the class content in a pre-recorded format through their online portal.
  • Regular doubt-clearing sessions are held separately.
  • Students who watch the class after the live session can ask questions and clarify doubts through a chat box.

Class Assessments

  • For online mode, tests will be provided in PDF format.
  • In offline mode, tests will be conducted at our center (Old Rajendra Nagar).
  • Online test procedure: Students download the PDF, complete the test, and send legible scanned copies of answer sheets in PDF format to
  • Evaluated answer sheets will be returned to students via email within 7 days of submission.

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