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Public Administration Study Material Mega Package

Students preparing for the UPSC CSE Exam with Public Administration optional benefit from thorough practice after attending lectures to assess their progress and identify weaknesses. Our Public Administration Comprehensive Study Materials  are essential for practicing topics in line with the latest exam pattern and updated syllabus.

UPSC 2025 Mega Package

This Package Includes:

 📚 Two Booklets, each for Paper 1 and Paper 2 which will be the collection of weekly handouts given to ProdEgyIAS students during the entire foundation programme. It encompasses all the teachings of Sir in classroom format.

 📚 Two handbooks (Paper 1 and Paper 2) which have been written in an elaborated form and approach to study the entire syllabus of Public Administration optional.

 📚 Two separate published books of PYQs (For Paper 1 and Paper 2) which will have detailed previous years question’s analysis exclusively by Ashutosh Sir.

 📚 A Prospective Test Booklet containing 200+ classic questions in Public Administration with appropriate effective solutions in a comprehensive book format based on detailed syllabus of Public Administration.

 📚 A 2nd ARC booklet crafted for understanding the ARC in easy and understandable format.

 📚 Bridge Magazine (containing current affairs related to Pub Ad, GS paper 2 and GS paper 4 as well) available till date of purchase.

 This Comprehensive package is available at Rs. 5999/- +GST

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