Download Sample Notes for Public Administration Optional

Students preparing for the UPSC CSE Exam with Public Administration optional benefit from thorough practice after attending lectures to assess their progress and identify weaknesses. Our Public Administration sample notes are essential for practising topics in line with the latest exam pattern and updated syllabus

Pubic Admin Syllabus Decoded for Paper I

Use the handout along with notes dictated in the class. Class-room notes are mandatory for clearer understanding.

Pubic Admin Syllabus Decoded for Paper II

Use the handout along with notes dictated in the class. Class-room notes are mandatory for clearer understanding.

Why Join ProdEgyIAS

We are one of the top coaching for public administration optional in Delhi. Our knowledgeable faculty, personalised support, and experienced mentors are ready to help you on your way to crack the civil services exam in your first attempt. The following things set us apart from other pub ad optional coaching.

Live Expert Mentorship

We take mentoring seriously and provide students with access to the best public administration teacher for IAS who will help you to overcome all the difficulties that arise during the exam preparation time. 

Focus on Answer Writing

Our faculty emphasises and devotes a lot of time to teach students How to write answers in UPSC mains that help on exam day to frame accurate and to point answers.

Instant Doubt Resolution

We conduct dedicated doubt solving sessions so that aspirants can clear all their minute doubts related to the subjects while common doubts of UPSC aspirants are cleared during the classroom sessions.

Comprehensive Study Material

We will provide you with all the public administration study material that you need in your journey of preparation. Our pub ad study material will be precise to save your time.

Frequent Tests

To know your level of preparation our dedicated public administration test series is going to help to know your weak topics and the test series answers after test results will be helpful to enhancing answer writing skills.

Top Results

Our coaching institute results are proof of our teaching excellence. Numerous aspirants who chose pub ad as optional were our students.

Our UPSC IAS Toppers

We are pleased to show our students who cleared the UPSC CSE exam. In the UPSC civil services exam result of recent years, a lot of UPSC toppers with public administration optional were our students. They achieved this feat because of the Ashutosh Pandey pub ad classes followed by their own hard work.

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Student Reviews

Karishma Nair, IAS
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Ashutosh Pandey/ProdEgyIAS has been the guiding light in my UPSC journey. As an aspirant aiming for success in the IAS exam with Public Administration Optional, I was seeking not just coaching but a transformative experience. And that's exactly what I found at ProdEgyIAS
Suman Saurabh, IAS
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Ashutosh Pandey Sir is not just educators; He is a mentor who go above and beyond to ensure that you grasp even the most intricate concepts. His personalized approach and dedication to my progress helped me navigate through the challenges of the UPSC syllabus.
Sidharth Jaiswal, IAS
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The study material provided by Ashutosh Pandey/ProdEgyIAS is a goldmine for any serious aspirant. It's not just about the quantity but the quality of content that makes a real difference. The comprehensive notes, practice questions, and mock tests prepared me thoroughly
Shaikh Rizwan, IAS
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What truly sets Ashutosh Pandey/ProdEgyIAS apart is the supportive environment they foster. The interactions with fellow aspirants, the healthy competition, and the opportunity to engage in discussions were instrumental in expanding my horizons.
Hasrat Jasmine, IAS
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If you're a serious aspirant looking for more than just a coaching institute, if you seek a place that nurtures your aspirations and supports your dreams, then Ashutosh Pandey/ProdEgyIAS is the place for you.

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