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How Is Public Administration As An Optional Subject For UPSC Mains Exam?

How is Public Administration as an Optional Subject For UPSC

Choosing the right optional subject is very important for any Civil Service aspirant. From all the optional subjects available, the Public Administration is the Best Optional Subject For UPSC. It is one of the most popular optional subjects candidates opt for in the UPSC civil services exam. Its syllabus covers a wide range of topics that are relevant to the job role of an IAS officer.

Public Administration is also the most scoring optional subject in UPSC Mains. But there are many pros and cons of Public Administration for UPSC that you should keep in mind while preparing for the civil services. But if you have made your mind for going with pub ad optional, then you should join ProdEgyIAS, the best institute for public administration coaching in Delhi to elevate your preparation.

Pros and Cons of Public Administration Optional

Pros of Public Administration Optional

  • There is a vast range of study materials available for public administration Optional.
  • It saves your energy and time as this subject overlaps with the general studies paper
  • The Public Administration Optional Syllabus is small and hence easy to cover.
  • The questions asked from the Pub Ad Optional subject are straightforward.
  • This paper also helps to prepare you for the IAS Interview and essay paper of the UPSC Exam.

Cons of Public Administration Optional

  • Public Administration Optional is theoretical. If you come from a science background, you can find it boring and face difficulties.
  • This is a highly competitive subject, as many of the candidates opt for this optional subject.
  • Candidates need to build a good vocabulary for this public administration optional.

Why You Should Choose Public Administration As Your Optional

If you are struggling a lot while selecting the subject for the UPSC exam, then you should choose Public Administration Optional. Here are few reasons-

  • Abundance of Study Material: Public Administration for UPSC offers a treasure trove of study material. From libraries to websites, the syllabus is easily accessible, saving time while providing an in-depth understanding of the subject.
  • Most Popular Choice: We can easily say that Public Administration stands as the most popular optional subjects in the UPSC Civil Services Exam among UPSC aspirants. Its simplicity and ease of comprehension make it a preferred choice.
  • Overlapping Advantage: Public Administration strategically aligns with GS Papers II and IV, offering a significant advantage in the UPSC exam. Its inclusion of major topics like Indian Polity and Governance prepares candidates not just for the optional paper but also for the UPSC Prelims.
  • Concise and Manageable Syllabus: Choosing Public Administration over other optional subjects like History or Geography comes with the benefit of a shorter and more straightforward syllabus. This allows candidates to concentrate on challenging topics in other papers.
  • Interview Preparation: Public Administration’s relevance extends to the interview round, where many questions are centred on this subject. Thorough preparation here simplifies the final round, enabling candidates to effortlessly showcase their in-depth knowledge.
  • Scoring Success: Public Administration emerges as the Most Scoring Optional Subject in UPSC Mains. With diligent study and guidance from expert teachers, scoring 300+ marks is attainable.


In conclusion, Public Administration proves to be the best optional subject for UPSC aspirants. Its practical relevance, alignment with administrative roles, and comprehensive coverage of governance make it a wise choice, equipping candidates with valuable insights for a successful civil services journey.

Frequently Asked Questions on Public Administration Optional for UPSC CSE Exam

Public Administration is the highest scoring optional subject for UPSC. If you do the study properly and clear all your concepts with the help of the best teachers, you will be able to score 300+ marks easily in the subject.

Public Administration is often considered a static optional subject for UPSC due to its relevance to civil services. It provides insights into governance, bureaucracy, and public policy, enhancing an aspirant’s understanding of administrative processes.

Public Administration is one of the most popular optional subjects in the UPSC Civil Services Exam as the knowledge of the subject comes in handy after becoming an IAS. It is the only Optional Subject which has overlapping with GS Paper-II, GS Paper-III & GS Paper-IV.

Public Administration is the highest scoring optional subject for UPSC. Many candidates find it accessible, with a concise syllabus. Choosing Public Administration simplifies preparation, making it a popular and successful choice for aspirants aiming for success in the Civil Services Exam.

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