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Why Should You Choose Public Administration Optional for UPSC Exam

Why Should You Choose Public Administration Optional for UPSC Exam

If you are confused about choosing an optional subject for UPSC mains exam then you should definitely go with the “public administration optional”. Public Administration has several advantages as an optional paper for UPSC.

In this article, we will discuss why you should choose public administration as an optional subject in UPSC mains. We also talk about the benefits of choosing public administration as your optional subject.  

The Importance of Optional Subjects in UPSC Mains Exam

In UPSC 500 marks are for optional Out of 1750 marks which is approximately around 28.57% of the total marks. So, it can greatly influence your overall score and ranking. The right optional subject helps you to get a high rank and increase your overall score in UPSC exam.

The Success Rate of Public Administration Optional in UPSC Exam

Public Administration has one of the highest success rates among optional subjects. The success rate of Public Administration Optional was around 10.2% in 2017 and in 2016, it was 10.5%. Which is one of the highest, making public administration one of the best optional to achieve as high marks as possible.

Benefits of Choosing Public Administration as Your Optional Subject in UPSC

Over the years many civil service aspirants have chosen public administration as their optional for its several benefits. Here I will discuss some advantages of taking public administration as an optional for UPSC mains:

  • Relevance to the Civil Services Exam: Public Administration is highly relevant to the civil services exam. The subject basically gives you an idea about government mechanisms. In future as an administrator, you should have this knowledge.
  • Availability of Resources: There are many high-quality study materials available for Public Administration. You can get study material, books, and best coaching for public administration like ProdEgyIAS that help you prepare more easily.
  • Overlaps with GS Papers: Studying Public Administration can help you concurrently prepare for both the optional subject and GS Paper-II, GS Paper-III, and GS Paper-IV. It will cover approximately 100-150 marks in GS paper IV. 
  • Prepare for Interview and Essay Paper: Public Administration also helps to prepare you for the IAS interview and essay paper of the UPSC exam. The subject provides insights into administrative processes and governance, which relate to interview and essay topics.


Public Administration offers numerous advantages as an optional subject for the UPSC mains exam. Its high success rate, comprehensive relevance, overlap with GS papers and other benefits make it a popular choice among the UPSC aspirants. Remember, you need strategic preparation and expert faculty guidance like Ashutosh Pandey to get a high score in this subject.

Frequently Asked Questions on UPSC Public Administration Optional

Public administration optional is one of the most popular and high scoring optional subjects for the UPSC exam. It has several advantages as an optional subject like scoring potential, easy to understand, overlaps other GS papers etc. With the right strategy and guidance, you can score 300+ marks in this subject.

ProdEgyIAS is one of the best coaching for public administration optional preparation in UPSC mains exam. There you will get top-quality coaching from top UPSC faculty all under Ashutosh Pandey, who has 11+ years of experience in teaching public administration optional.

Ashutosh Pandey is one of the best teachers for public administration optional for UPSC. He has a decade of experience in teaching public administration and has produced 550+ IAS/IPS officers. His experiences and guidance help you achieve maximum marks in pub ad optional.

Public Administration subject is easy to understand and the syllabus is short compared to other optional subjects so you can complete it within time. There are ample books and study materials available that help your preparation. It also overlaps with GS papers, which saves you time and effort during the preparation.

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