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What are the Pros and Cons of Public Administration as an Optional Subject

What are the Pros and Cons of Public Administration as Optional Subject

The optional subject for UPSC IAS exam plays a vital role in the final rank list of the UPSC Examination as choosing the right optional subject can change your entire career and working position. That is why Understanding Pros and Cons of Public Administration becomes necessary before selecting your optional.

It becomes crucial for UPSC Aspirants to pick the best optional subject for UPSC mains exam during their preparation journey. So, here we will talk about theadvantages and disadvantages of public administration as an optional subject.

There are many points which favour the Public Administration as the best optional subject for the UPSC Examination. On the other hand, some are contradictory when it comes to selecting public administration as optional subject for UPSC exam.

It has been seen in the last few years that a majority of students choose public administration as their optional for the UPSC Mains Exam because of its scoring nature. On the other hand, there are a few challenges too which aspirants have to overcome while choosing Public Administration as their optional.

What are the Advantages of Public Administration as an optional?

When it comes to choosing Public Administration as the optional subject for the UPSC Mains you can enjoy the following advantages:

  • Scoring Nature of the Subject: The major advantage of choosing Public Administration as the optional subject is that it is considered a very scoring optional subject in UPSC. In an exam where every single mark can change your ranks by thousands then it becomes very important to keep in mind the scoring nature of the subject.
  • Easily Accessible Study Materials: The second advantage of choosing Public Administration as an optional subject for the exam is that the study material for Public Administration is easily available in the markets that too at lesser costs.
  • Takes Less Time to Cover: Another benefit of choosing Public Administration is that the syllabus of the subject is small and it does not take much time to cover the entire content. Hence, the marks in the exam can be maximised without putting much time into the optional subject.
  • The Popularity of the Subject: Public Administration is very popular among UPSC Aspirants as the majority of the candidates scored very good marks in the UPSC Exam with Public Administration. On analysing the previous year’s trends and the toppers’ mindsets it becomes very evident that it’s one of the most advantageous subjects for the UPSC Mains Examination.

What are the Disadvantages of Public Administration Optional?

After considering the Pros of Public Administration optional in UPSC exam we are going to tell you some of the issues that you might face with the subject.

  • Competitive Nature of the Subject: Considering the several advantages of Public Administration, the majority of the students choose Public Administration as their optional subject which eventually causes a rise in the competition in the examination. Studying the subject is easy but the number of aspirants appearing in the test drastically enhances the competition.
  • Theoretical Nature of Public Administration: The nature of the subject is theoretical and hence many aspirants from a science background may later find learning the subject not that interesting and they might also start losing interest and confidence. 
  • Command Over Language and Vocabulary: You must have a very good command over the vocabulary if you are thinking of attempting the UPSC Exam with Public Administration as an optional subject. However, the grasp of the language and the vocabulary can be enhanced by reading newspapers regularly and by listening to podcasts and interviews.


There are many Pros and Cons of Public Administration optional for UPSC but in the end, you will have to check by yourself by analysing both the advantages and disadvantages of Public Administration in UPSC. If you are looking for the best coaching for Public Administration then ProdEgyIAS is counted among the best institutes providing classes for Public Administration subject and the IAS Examination.

Frequently Asked Questions on Public Administration Optional

Taking any optional for UPSC Mains depends on students interest and educational backgrounds but in case of public administration the case is very favourable as there are a lot of the students who take public administration as their optional. The main reason for this much demand for pub ad optional is due to its high scoring potential and also the alignment of syllabus with GS papers. 

Yes, Public Administration is considered a very scoring optional subject and is counted as the favourite choice among the UPSC Aspirants when choosing the optional subject for the UPSC Mains examination. The success rate of the subject has also been good as per the previous year’s trends. It is the biggest benefit of public administration optional that students keep in mind while going through the Advantages and Disadvantages of Public Administration as an optional subject.

The syllabus of the Public Administration does not take much time and therefore even if you are left with a very short period of time for the preparation of the optional subject then Public Administration can prove to be a game changer for you. The nature of the syllabus is concise and it’s relatively easy to understand when compared to the other options.

Coaching can provide the right guidance and the most relevant material regarding the examination and hence there are many advantages of taking coaching for Public Administration. However, the content can also be covered without coaching if you are determined enough but in this case you’ll have to select the best strategy and the right study material on your own. 

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