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National Security Guard (NSG)

Why in News: The National Security Guard (NSG) has appointed a new Director-General.How to Join NSG? Path to Joining the National Security Guard (NSG) in India

About the National Security Guard (NSG):

Role and Significance:

  • The NSG is a specialized force in India primarily deployed for counter-terrorism operations, serving as an elite second line of defense for the nation.
  • Its members, recognized as Black Cats, wear distinctive black drill cotton coveralls and balaclavas or helmets.


  • Established in 1984 post the events of Operation Blue Star and the assassination of Indira Gandhi.
  • Formed by the Cabinet Secretariat under the National Security Guard Act of 1986, it drew inspiration from the UK’s SAS and Germany’s GSG-9.

Administration and Structure:

  • Administrative and operational control over NSG is vested with the Union Ministry for Home Affairs.
  • Motto: “Sarvatra Sarvottama Suraksa.”
  • Headquarters: Located in New Delhi.
  • Director General (DG): Appointed by the Home Ministry, all DGs have been officers from the Indian Police Service (IPS).

Objectives and Operations:

  • NSG’s objectives encompass neutralizing terrorist threats, responding to hijacking incidents, bomb disposal, post-blast investigation, hostage rescue, and VIP security.
  • It functions as a specialized counter-terrorism force, intervening in “exceptional situations” without usurping the roles of state police or other paramilitary forces.
  • Operating on the principle of swift action and rapid withdrawal, NSG comprises the Special Action Group (SAG) with Army personnel and the Special Ranger Group (SRG) with personnel from Central and State Police Forces.
  • The NSG includes the National Bomb Data Centre (NBDC), maintaining a centralized database on bombing activities, analyzing and disseminating information to relevant law enforcement agencies.

Source: IE


High turnout in Phase 1 of Lok Sabha Elections 2024 despite heat wave

Why in News: The report emphasizes the smooth and successful organization of the initial phase of the 2024 General Elections in India, covering 21 States/Union Territories, with minimal disturbances.Lok Sabha Elections 2024: Nearly 64% voter turnout recorded in Phase 1,  Tripura, West Bengal record highest turnout - BusinessToday

Additional Details on this Report:

Voter Turnout and Participation:

  • Despite a heat wave, the first phase of General Elections 2024 recorded a significant voter turnout across 21 States/Union Territories.
  • Polling concluded in 10 States/UTs, covering a major portion of the North East region.
  • Noteworthy was the participation of 56 villages in Bastar and the Shompen tribe of Great Nicobar, marking their debut in the electoral process.
  • A considerable number of first-time voters actively engaged in the electoral proceedings.

Voter Turnout Figures:

  • By 7 PM, the voter turnout across the aforementioned States/UTs surpassed 60%, with expectations of further increases in final figures.

Election Commission Oversight:

  • The Election Commission, headed by Chief Election Commissioner Shri Rajiv Kumar and Election Commissioners Shri Gyanesh Kumar and Shri Sukhbir Singh Sandhu, closely monitored the polling operations from the ECI Headquarters in Nirvachan Sadan.
  • State-of-the-art control rooms were established at national, state, and district levels to supervise the polling process effectively.

Vibrant Democratic Display:

  • The polling stations witnessed a vibrant display of democracy, with voters from diverse backgrounds converging to exercise their franchise.

Seamless Polling Process:

  • The polling process was meticulously planned and executed, showcasing the Election Commission’s concerted efforts and the dedication of its officials in creating a conducive environment for the elections.

Source: pib 


IREDA’s GIFT City office to boost Green Hydrogen and Renewable Energy Manufacturing Projects

Why in News: IREDA inaugurates a foreign currency debt office in GIFT City, Gandhinagar, aimed at lowering financing expenses for green hydrogen and renewable energy ventures, facilitating India’s shift towards a more environmentally sustainable future.IREDA's GIFT City office to boost Green Hydrogen, Renewable Energy  Manufacturing Projects - The Statesman

Additional Details on this Announcement:

IREDA’s Foreign Currency Debt Office:

  • Indian Renewable Energy Development Agency Ltd. (IREDA) has established an office in GIFT City, Gandhinagar, focusing on foreign currency-denominated debt options.
  • The objective is to decrease financing expenses for Green Hydrogen and Renewable Energy Manufacturing projects by facilitating natural hedging.

IREDA’s Strategic Initiative:

  • Shri Pradip Kumar Das, Chairperson & Managing Director of IREDA, unveiled this strategic move at the World Future Energy Summit 2024 in Abu Dhabi.
  • He underscored the pivotal role of energy storage in realizing India’s ambitious target of producing over 5 million metric tons per annum (MTPA) of hydrogen by 2030.

Key Priorities Outlined:

  • Key priorities include intensifying research and development endeavors to lower costs and enhance performance, fortifying the supply chain network, and delivering competitive financial solutions.

India’s Proactive Measures:

  • India has proactively taken measures such as formulating a storage requirement roadmap, issuing technology-agnostic tenders, and implementing supportive government interventions.

Projected Storage Requirement:

  • The Central Electricity Authority of India anticipates a storage requirement of nearly 400 gigawatt-hours (GWh) by 2030-32, necessitating substantial investment estimated at over Rs. 3.5 lakh crores.

IREDA’s Commitment:

  • IREDA reaffirms its commitment to supporting the deployment of energy storage technologies in India through innovative financing solutions.

Source: pib 


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