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Public Administration Optional Books for UPSC

Public Administration Optional Books for UPSC

Public administration is the most popular optional subject listed in UPSC IAS mains optional subjects list. On average, more than 3000 aspirants appear in the main examination with Public Administration as an optional paper. It is very significant subject for UPSC aspirants as it interlinks administration with governance and also helps them in their tenure as Civil Servants.

Choosing the right study materials and books for Public Administration optional paper is essential for scoring well in this optional paper. For the Public Administration optional in the UPSC CSE, several recommended books for Public Administration optional can help you prepare for the mains exam. Here is a complete list of the best Public Administration Optional Books prepared by ProdEgyIAS for aspirants like you.

Public Administration Optional Books for UPSC Overview

We understand that there are many reference books and study materials available in UPSC domain that can confuse aspirants. Thus, we have brought you the expert list of Public Administration books for UPSC optional paper

All these books are meticulously chosen together by virtue of the latest UPSC Public Administration Optional Syllabus. But following all of these reference books would be tough for aspirants. 

So, it would be better for you to get the ProdEgyIAS Public Administration Study Material. Here you will receive every necessary material for effective preparation.

Best Books to Read for Public Administration Optional

For your convenience, we have compiled you a “list of IAS books for Public Administration optional” to help you in your preparation for the IAS and other services under the UPSC. 

Best Books To Read For Public Administration Optional for UPSC CSE



Book Description

Public Administration

M. Laxmikant

It contains easy to advanced level concepts with chapter-wise highlights on State and District Administration and the Local Government.

Administrative Thinkers

Dr. Ravindra Prasad and V.S Prasad

This text is a must-read for Public Administration optional paper-1 in UPSC Mains.

Public Administration Through Model Question Answers

Suman Sourav Mohanty

It covers concepts of Public Administration in a question-and-answer format to help candidates with a step-wise guide to answer writing.

Principles Of Administrative Law

MP Jain & SN Jain

It’s a must-read for topics related to administrative laws and governance policies asked in UPSC public administration optional paper-I.

Best Study Material for Public Administration Optional

There are so many books and materials available in the market, that can easily confuse aspirants. To counter this, ProdEgyIAS presents the  best study material for public administration

  • You would get two booklets for paper 1 & 2 of Public Administration that would help you revise the entire foundation of pub ad optional paper. 
  • Special focus is given in ARC via our ARC Booklet. 
  • You will also receive Bridge Magazine containing current affairs related to Pub Ad, GS paper 2 and GS paper 4 as well. 
  • You will also receive two separate booklets containing PYQs analysis by Asutosh Sir.

In short, other than ProdEgyIAS Public Administration Comprehensive Study Material, you won’t need to bother about any reference book as these are self-sufficient. 


In conclusion, selecting the “best books for Public Administration optional in UPSC” is very much important. Choose wisely, and let your preparation pave the way for your success in UPSC mains exam. For effective preparation in Pub ad paper, you can also join ProdEgyIAS Public Administration Optional Coaching.

FAQs on UPSC Public Administration Optional Paper

Some of the popular choices include “Public Administration” by M. Laxmikanth, “Public Administration: Concepts and Theories” by Rumki Basu, and “Administrative Thinkers” by Prasad and Prasad. 

If you want to study Public Administration, you should join a best coaching for public administration in Delhi like ProdEgyIAS. You will receive comprehensive guidance, study materials, and expert mentorship to prepare effectively for pub ad optional paper. 

There are various reference books available in the market. But if you are looking for the best books for Public Administration, then check out the list of the best Public Administration Optional Books made by the best teacher of Pub ad optional paper in Delhi at ProdEgyIAS.

There are many reference books and study materials available in UPSC domain that can confuse aspirants like you. That’s why ProdEgyIAS brings you the list of best books compiled by the best faculty of Public Administration in Delhi, Ashutosh Sir. Get the complete list of Public Administration books for UPSC optional paper from here.

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