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How Do I Prepare For Public Administration Optional Without Taking Coaching For The UPSC

How To Prepare Public Administration Optional Without Taking Coaching

Public administration optional being one of the high-scoring optional subjects in UPSC requires deep understanding and conceptual clarity to score well in the UPSC exam. There are a lot of UPSC aspirants who choose “pub ad as their optional subject” in the UPSC exam every year.

In this blog, we will be answering the question which has been asked by a lot of students “How Do I Prepare for Public Administration Optional Without Taking Coaching for UPSC?” So, read till the end to get the perfect self-study strategy for public administration from Ashutosh Pandey Sir of ProdEgyIAS.

Perfect Self Study Plan for Public Administration Optional Preparation

  • Understand Pattern & Syllabus: – The first step that you should follow before actually starting your preparation is to understand the exam pattern and syllabus of public administration for UPSC. This will help you to familiarise yourself with the subject to make a strong foundation.
  • Gather Study Materials: – If you are preparing public administration without coaching then it is always advised to bring the necessary study material for public administration optional. You can refer to the study material and notes designed by ProdEgyIAS for this purpose. 
  • Start with Basics: – When preparing on your own you may have difficulties in the initial phase to understand the concepts that is why it is recommended to start with the basics of any topic and then only move to the complex topics. This approach will make you learn things in a better and organised way.
  • Stay Consistent: – When we prepare for UPSC exam without any coaching we don’t have any support system or regular classes which can keep us going which is why being consistent is a lot more than necessary to crack the UPSC exam with Pub Ad in your very first attempt.
  • Make Notes: – As we all know the syllabus of any optional subject be it public administration or any other is vast and retaining this much information is a difficult task in itself. If you have the habit of making handwritten notes and writing important points while doing self-study you have won half of the battle of the UPSC exam.
  • Revise Regularly: – When you keep approaching the next topics of the Public administration syllabus you will find yourself forgetting the past topics that you have studied and it happens with almost everyone. Revising past topics while studying new topics is required to remember the information for a period of time.
  • Analyse PYQs: – UPSC expert teacher Ashutosh Sir focuses a lot on PYQ analysis as most of the questions asked in the UPSC exam are repeated and this has been quite common in public administration optional. So, you need to attempt PYQs of Pub ad optional after studying a topic, this will help you a lot to test your knowledge.


Hence, if you follow all these tips and tricks given by Ashutosh Pandey Sir then no one can stop you from cracking the UPSC exam with public administration without any need of a coaching institute. The secret is nothing other than hard work combined with this strategy to crack India’s most prestigious civil services examination.

Frequently Asked Questions on Public Administration Optional

Public Administration optional subject for UPSC is considered easy as compared to other optional subjects. The main reasons are the high scoring potential and vast study resources available for this subject. But do remember that hard work and consistency are still needed to score good marks to finally crack the IAS exam.

Self-studying for any exam requires dedication and commitment to complete the syllabus on time on your own. So, to prepare for public administration effectively you need a plan along with the strategies given by Ashutosh Sir. Do remember to stick to your plan till you finally crack the exam.

The best UPSC Mentor for Public Administration optional is Ashutosh Pandey Sir at ProdEgyIAS. He has been teaching public admin subject for more than a decade making him the best Pub Ad teacher for UPSC in India. You can join the ProdEgyIAS OPM mentorship programme if you wish to get direct mentorship from him.

To excel in Public Administration without coaching you can rely on online resources. Also enrol in ProdEgyIAS’s Public Administration test series for targeted practice, specifically designed for self-learners. This effective combination ensures a thorough understanding of concepts, providing a robust foundation for your UPSC preparation.

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