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IAS Coaching Centre in Delhi for Public Administration with Fee Structure

IAS Coaching Centre in Delhi for Public Administration

Delhi is home to some of the best coaching for public administration in the country. But from myriad options, the “fee structure of an IAS coaching centre” is often a deciding factor for aspirants. It’s essential to strike a balance between quality education and affordability.

Among the various options, ProdEgyIAS has gained prominence for its Best UPSC Coaching in Delhi with Low Fees for public administration optional. We at ProdEgyIAS take pride in offering affordable yet excellent IAS coaching for Public Administration. Let’s discuss upon our Best Public Administration Courses with fee structure.

Public Administration Courses Offered by ProdEgyIAS With Fee Structure

ProdEgyIAS is the best coaching for public administration in Delhi, who conducts the best public administration classes for UPSC. ProdEgyIAS under the guidance of Ashutosh Pandey provides a variety of courses catering to the unique needs of aspirants. These are-

1. Public Administration Foundation Course: 

  • 5 months comprehensive programme.
  • Complete coverage of Pub ad optional syllabus.
  • In addition, you will get answer writing and booster to the General Studies programme.
  • Monday to Friday daily classes.
  • Bi-weekly doubt-clearing programme.
  • PYQ discussion session.
  • 6 class tests.
  • 2 Mock Tests after completion of full syllabus.
  • Compendium of Current Affairs.
  • Both online and offline classes.
  • Recorded lectures and comprehensive study material.

This entire Public Administration Foundation Course is available from Rs. 43000/- to 48000/- range. You can pay in instalments and get extra discount with our coupon code.

2. Public Administration Rapid Revision Programme:

  • Full revision of the Public Administration syllabus.
  • Total of 35 classes throughout the course.
  • 5 years PYQ discussion session.
  • Answer writing programme also included.
  • Full coverage of Pub ad papers 1 & 2.
  • Detailed notes and handouts of important concepts.

You can get this entire course with Rs 17555/- only. You can pay in instalments and get an extra discount with our coupon code.

3. Public Administration Test Series:

  • Revision of the Entire syllabus through 12+ Tests  
  • 4 comprehensive tests based on Paper 1 completely  
  • 4 comprehensive tests based on Paper 2 completely  
  • An exclusive test based on the 2nd ARC  
  • Discussions and live doubt-clearing sessions on Google Meet  
  • An exclusive conceptual based application based test based on the mixed topics from Paper 1 and Paper 2  
  • 2 Full mock tests at the end  

ProdEgyIAS offers the most affordable public administration course. You can enrol in this course with Rs 21798/- only.


In the dynamic realm of UPSC preparation, choosing an IAS coaching centre for Public Administration involves a careful evaluation of various factors, and the fee structure is just one aspect. ProdEgyIAS emerges as the Best UPSC Coaching in Delhi with Low Fees, offering affordable solution to Public Administration preparation.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Fees of Top IAS Coaching in Delhi may vary in each coaching institute, and it depends on the facility & study materials a coaching institute provides to a student. But ProdEgyIAS is the best and affordable IAS coaching centre in Delhi with its courses starting from Rs 17000/- only.

ProdEgyIAS is the best coaching for public administration in Delhi. With a focus on in-depth understanding, personalised mentorship, and strategic preparation, it consistently produces successful UPSC candidates, making it the best choice in the capital.

Delhi is the mecca of coaching for UPSC, and most coaching centres are expensive. But look no further, as ProdEgyIAS has brought the Best UPSC Coaching in Delhi With Low Fees. Our courses for UPSC aspirants start from Rs 17000/- only.

ProdEgyIAS’s public administration optional coaching in Delhi stands out for its comprehensive coverage, experienced faculty, and innovative teaching methods. It equips aspirants with the knowledge, skills, and strategy needed to excel in the UPSC examination.

ProdEgyIAS stands out as the best coaching for public administration optional. It offers an unparalleled blend of expert faculty, in-depth study materials, and a supportive learning environment. Choose ProdEgyIAS for a successful UPSC journey.

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