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Public Administration Crash Course for UPSC

Public Administration Crash Course for UPSC

When it comes to choosing the best coaching institute for public administration crash course in Delhi, ProdEgyIAS stands as the best. If you are preparing for public administration and looking for the revision and rewiring of public administration optional, then ProdEgyIAS would be a perfect choice for you.

Our best crash course for public administration for UPSC” starts with building the conceptual foundation and then moves to practical implementation. This course would also provide you with personal mentorship from Ashutosh Pandey sir, the best mentor for public administration in Delhi.

Best Public Administration Crash Course for UPSC Overview

ProdEgyIAS excels in providing the best coaching for Public Administration Crash Course in Delhi. Ashutosh sir, the best teacher for public administration in Delhi has personally designed this course. Here are the features of our public administration crash course-

  1. You will get around 50 recorded sessions of Ashutosh Pandey sir on the latest UPSC Exam Pattern.
  2. The entire public administration syllabus will be covered within 2.5 months.
  3. You will also receive Weekly Mentorship Sessions with Ashutosh Pandey sir who will clarify doubts and queries.
  4. Ashutosh sir will discuss the last 10 years ‘ previous questions with model answers.
  5. One-on-one Guidance will be given to you for effective Answer Writing Practice by Ashutosh Pandey sir and Team.
  6. Sectional Tests based on all topics included with Model Answers given.
  7. You will get concise study materials and class handouts.
  8. A full syllabus with mock tests is also included.

Why Join ProdEgyIAS Public Administration Crash Course with Special Mentorship

ProdEgyIAS is committed to guiding you through every step of your preparation for public administration, offering personalised mentorship and rapid revision. We offer the best crash course for Public Administration optional in Delhi. Here are the reasons you should join ProdEgyIAS-

  • Interactive Learning: ProdEgyIAS upholds interactive discussions, PYQ analysis, and extensive MCQ practice. This interactive learning is coined at our public administration crash course. These are-
  • Completion of syllabus within 2.5 months
  • Revision of syllabus
  • Mentorship Sessions
  • Comprehensive Study Material
  • Completion of Syllabus: Our course will help you to complete the entire syllabus of public administration in 2.5 months. You will also be able to revise the concepts thoroughly.
  • Guidance from Ashutosh Sir: Ashutosh sir, the best teacher for public administration optional, provides mentorship to his students. His mentorship would help you clear your doubts and elevate your preparation.
  • High Success Ratio: ProdEgyIAS boasts a remarkable track record of success in the UPSC examinations. Our effective coaching methods, topmost faculty and the personalised mentorship have provided high success at UPSC.


In essence, ProdEgyIAS offers the best crash course for Public Administration optional. If you’re seeking the best public administration crash course for UPSC that would offer quick syllabus coverage, rapid revision, and personal mentorship, join ProdEgyIAS.

Frequently Asked Questions 

At ProdEgyIAS, we offer a specialized public administration crash course with personal mentorship, designed to help you achieve good marks in pub ad optional paper. This is the best crash course for Public Administration optional that would help you complete your preparation in short time.

No doubt, ProdEgyIAS is the best coaching for public administration optional preparation. Our pub ad course is designed by India’s Top UPSC Teacher- Ashutosh sir. The course is available both offline and online at an affordable price. Join now and increase your score in public administration.

If you want to prepare for public administration, you need to take coaching from the best coaching institute for public administration. If you take coaching from ProdEgyIAS, you will be able to score good marks in your pub ad mains optional paper.

If you are looking for the best crash course for public administration optional, then you need to enrol at ProdEgyIAS. You will get mentorship from Ashutosh Sir and his team and will be able to revise the entire syllabus of public administration.  

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