Live/Online Class Prelims 2024- Answer Key with Solutions

Daily Editorial Analysis: 18th March 2024

Many elections, AI’s dark dimension

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Relevance: GS2 & GS3 : Artificial Intelligence, Government Policies & Interventions

Prelims: AI voice cloning, Deepfake technology, deep synthesis technology, Artificial Intelligence technology, blockchain technology

Mains: Impact, India’s stand, Ethical concerns associated with voice cloningMany elections, AI's dark dimension - The Hindu


The rise of AI, possibly culminating in AGI, signifies a pivotal moment in human history, with profound implications for global elections and democracy, prompting nations like India to cautiously navigate its potential disruptions while leveraging its benefits.

The Evolution of AI: From GAI to AGI

  • The rapid development of AI models indicates a pivotal moment in human progress.
  • Progress suggests a shift from Generative Artificial Intelligence (GAI) to Artificial General Intelligence (AGI), mirroring human capabilities.
  • This transformation could revolutionize perceptions of machine capabilities and human interaction with technology.

AI’s Potential and Debate

  • AI, deemed by some as the most significant technology in history, is expected to enhance living standards.
  • Debate persists over whether AI might undermine human values or pose existential risks.
  • Uncertainty surrounds the impact of AI on electoral dynamics and human behavior.

AI’s Influence on Elections

  • With elections looming globally, including in India, AI’s role in shaping electoral landscapes demands attention.
  • Generative AI’s emergence raises questions about its potential to alter voter behaviors and election outcomes.
  • Concerns exist regarding AI’s ability to manipulate information and sway opinions, dubbed the “Deep Fake Elections” phenomenon.

Tackling AI’s Challenges

  • AI amplifies misinformation, presenting new challenges for democracies and electoral integrity.
  • Efforts to counter AI’s influence on voter perception and behavior are imperative.
  • Despite concerns, checks and balances can mitigate AI’s negative impacts.

AI’s Reliability and Risks

  • Recent incidents, such as inaccuracies associated with Google’s AI, underscore AI’s inconsistencies and potential risks.
  • AI’s “hallucinations” and inherent adversarial capabilities pose challenges to its reliability and safety.
  • Existential threats associated with AI, including poisoning, back dooring, and evasion, require mitigation strategies.

India’s Approach to AI

  • India, as a digital leader, must approach AI with caution, recognizing both its benefits and disruptive potential.
  • AGI, while promising benefits, requires careful handling due to its potential maleficent effects on society.

India has several initiatives related to artificial intelligence (AI), including:

    • National AI Mission: Launched in 2021, this mission aims to promote AI-based solutions for many sectors, including education, healthcare, and agriculture
    • INDIAai: The national AI portal, which provides information, resources, and updates about AI initiatives and developments in India
    • YUVAi: A program that provides skilling for students from government schools
    • National Semiconductor Mission
  • National Data Governance Framework Policy
  • New Digital Personal Data Protection Bill
  • Global Partnership on Artificial Intelligence (GPAI)
  • US India Artificial Intelligence Initiative
  • Responsible Artificial Intelligence (AI) for Youth
  • Artificial Intelligence Research, Analytics and Knowledge Assimilation Platform


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